Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Losing my blogger-virginity

This is my first blog post ever in my entire life.... craziness! Good to hear that everyone is doing well. Hannah-- I think it is awesome that you are teaching. In grade school I took creative writing classes and after-school type programs with my favorite teacher and believe it or not, you remind me a lot of her! I know that one day someone else will be writing and reflect upon the days of their first writing projects and think fondly of Ms. Hammmmmmmm. And yes, they will draw out the mmmm's until their lips tickle, just like I am doing right now while I type away. :)

Leslie: AFRICA! WOW! Based on the facebook message I got today though I have a feeling you won't be heading there until January? And can you believe we live in the same city? I'm still trying to "discover" Birminghammmmmmm (hehehe). It has yet to win my heart over. I guess I just need to give it some more timmmmme. Do you like it? Where are the secret hide-outs that all of the open-minded non-boring liberal people hang out? I must find themmmmm!

So how long are Blog posts "allowed" to be? I have never done this! I'm going to go ahead and put this out there: I will probably post often. And more times than not the posts will be long and lacking point or direction....

Marla, I am reading "The Botany of Desire" by Michael Pollan-- the same person who wrote "The Omnivore's Dilemma" which is another great book. If you are interested in non-fiction, food-type books then I recommend him. I am also reading "Gone with the Wind"-- however, I started reading this way back in December and can't seem to get past page 353.

All in all my daytime life is pretty boring. I analyze dirt all day then input my "dirty" data into some computer program then it cranks out more numbers that more or less determine whether a power plant can be built on that dirt. My night time and weekend life is totally fascinating though. I am going through some crrrrazy personal transformations! I'm realizing more and more everyday how much I changed when I moved to Auburn. And now I feel like I am rediscovering my old self again. I will share my most recent major epiphanies in future blogs. For now, I must illegally watch free ghetto versions of True Blood on the internet because I am too cheap to pay for HBO.

Some parting words of wisdom from the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors newsletter:
"Brilliant minds throughout history from Heraclitus to Isaac Asimov, have echoed the expression "change is constant." Whether change is good or bad is always a point of view. Experience change as good and you are in heaven; perceive change as bad and you are in a realm of hell. Change can be intimidating -- fear of the unknown. The comfort of predictability, however can lure us into complacent stuckness. To embrace change is to maintain the vibrancy in our lives."

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  1. nat! there are no rules when it comes to blogging! i'm looking forward to more long, rambling blog! i'm actually a fan and a practicer of the ramble myself! i feel like i'm going through some major changes too--maybe we're just at that age???