Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I love this.

My turn!

I bet you an incredible teacher! Now that I work in a school, the profession fascinates me. I think I forgot how crazy and fun school can be, and being on the other side is pretty fun. Megann and I talked about making our kids pen-pals, so if you are interested too let me know! Good luck with grad school and all that entails. I can't wait to hear what your life will be like back in Auburn again.

If you put in my own personal "dirt" will that machine tell you my future? Or should I stick to those monthly emails I haven't gotten in a while? (I miss them). It may not be your true love yet, but I'm jealous you get to know Birmingham as a young professional. It seems like the best way. That city has so much potential, and there's a lot of fun stuff to do that I never realized. I'll be back and invading your living room in no time.

Life in Chile
I have my own blog, if you haven't noticed. It's linked to my Facebook page. I'm not the best at keeping it updated because it takes so much time and effort to retell stories that happen so quickly and often. Life is crazy here in Puerto Natales, aka "the end of the world." No doubt. I am a co-teacher at an all girls catholic school called Liceo Maria Auxiliadora for Kinder through 8th grade. The girls are wild, things are so unorganized, and every week is special with some sort of celebration or event, etc. I live with a family of mom, dad, two daughters and aunt. We are about 3 blocks from the school. It snowed yesterday and the sidewalks are all frozen over, so I have to almost skate to school. This town is absolutely beautiful and I have been so blessed with my school and family here. Things are still tough. Studying abroad was easy, but this is real culture shock. All the time. Differences that seem so insignificant but really develop meaning over time. Also, by being here I have realized how affected I am by the seasons. Sometimes when the sun hits my face I just stop and soak every bit of it in that I can. I am so happy for days when I can wear one jacket instead of two. It may sound strange, but fortunately I am so far south that the houses have gas heat. Otherwise, the people wouldn't be able to make it through winter. I have a friend that lives a few hours north that spends many hours of her day lighting fires and maintaining them. I just turn a little button and the calentador comes on.

I went on a vacation for a month with the new BOYFRIEND! We had winter vacation, which should have lasted 3 weeks but we got stuck (so sad, right?). Greg is his name. We met at orientation in Santiago. He lives in a town called Punta Arenas, which is 3 hours away by bus. It's sounds far, but that is the closest city to us! (the bus ride is cheap and easy, too). So, Greg and I went to Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Mendoza, and some other places along the way. It was incredible.

I could go on and on, but I won't. Life is interesting way down south, and through all of the craziness I'm always learning, learning, learning. I miss you all so much. I am so happy that we can stay in touch this way!

Love you all.

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